The Team

They're a diverse one, aren't they?
Najla Qamber
Najla Qamber Founder and Creative Director
Najla or 'Naj', has nearly 13 years of design experience. She started out with traditional art and always loved to paint and draw. In 2004 she received professional training in Photoshop, and soon her love for art went digital. She started designing professionally in 2007 at a prestigious branding consultancy under the mentorship of the Creative Director. Alongside the art, there was also her love for reading. A year into her book blog, she realized that she could combine her two loves; reading and design. That was when her dream of designing book covers was born!

Now a Creative Director at Qamber Designs and Media to a team of 5, Najla handles all the preliminary design work, while the team handles the rest. Nothing goes to the client without her final touches. With that, she continues to strive to be creative, innovative, and serve through the motto that “Determination is Greatness”.

Nada Qamber
Nada Qamber Partner & Editorial Designer
Nada has been in the design world for almost four years and working under the close watch of her sister and Creative Director, Naj; she is continuously learning the many possibilities and wonders of design. In 2016, she branched out from designing just graphics to formatting book interiors to match the book covers. That took her ten steps ahead to her dream of being an editor of a magazine. A few years down the line, she's always eager to learn something new; whether it's a code that could boost up a design on eBooks or an efficient way to save Logo files, she is always there to support and help bring Qamber Designs and Media to the next level and higher.

She is like a sponge that is quick, responsive, a super fast learner, and soaks up as much information as she can. She's a firm believer in taking it one day at a time with a huge smile, some sage and crystals, and a positive attitude.

Jennifer Silverwood
Jennifer Silverwood Business Support Manager & Qamber Kids Project Manager
Jennifer has been involved in the publishing world since 2012, and is passionate about supporting the writing community however she can. After studying traditional art at University, she loves helping the Qamber sisters and our Illustrator Team bring authors' books to life. With a colorful background as a preschool teacher, personal administrative assistant for a prominent Texas addictions counselor and Century 21, Jennifer is finally pursuing her dream career with Qamber Designs & Media. She finds joy in fine detail and all the elements that go into bringing your vision to life. She is the author of ten novels, founder of We Write Fantasy, a blog and support group for fellow genre authors. She hopes to share her passion for art, music, and literature via words and work ethic.

Jennifer is the jack of all trades at Qamber Designs and Media and handles a variety of admin and client work for the company. She's one of the pillars that glue us together to bring out the best to serve the community better.

Shabana Feroze
Shabana Feroze Corporate Liaison
Shabana Feroze is a Bahraini with over 12 years of experience. She has a real passion for marketing and advertising and has spearheaded every facet of marketing from brand positioning to events to setting up social media for brands like Papa John’s Pizza and Dairy Queen Grill & Chill. Having worked with a diverse range of sectors ranging from restaurants, FMCG, fashion and automobiles, with international brands such as Peugeot, Mango and Chili's. She has extensive knowledge of marketing verticals in the GCC region and loves to be one step ahead of changing marketing technology. Shabana is also a fitness instructor, a fashion and travel blogger at The Silver Kick Diaries for over 8 years, and author of the book Loving Yourself In Style.

When Shabana (also a good friend and fashion buddy of Nada) asked us if we could design a few things for some of her clients at The Silver Kick Company, we couldn't say no! That was a start of an epic partnership! And now, she handles all communication with our local and regional clients. She takes care of all the personal meetings and briefings while we stay in the office and design our hearts out for our lovely clients.