If none of the below answers your question please refer to the policy document or email us directly.

  • What is your turnaround time for book covers and logos?

Generally, we take two weeks minimum, but we've done covers in 5 days several times. However, this depends on the package you pick and when we schedule you. The two weeks would include, one week for brainstorming and another week for the preliminary (1st draft of the cover) and the feedback stage. Sometimes, the feedback stage goes on for longer than a week depending on the client and the list of revisions.

  • What is your turnaround time for swag designs, etc?

Depending on what type of swag you need and how many, it could take from three days to a week from when we get the complete information.

  • When should I book you?

To be absolutely safe, we would say 3 months before. You can book us for 6 months in advance as well if you prefer it. We don’t ask for a deposit and you can cancel any time before the actual scheduled date. We also book tentatively in case you're unsure about your release dates.

  • Do you have a waitlist I can get on?

Yes! We have a cancellation list. You can give us a tentative date for when you would like to be scheduled and we can move you to an earlier slot.

  • How long do I wait on the cancellation list?

On average recently, maybe 3 - 4 weeks before you’re moved up to an earlier date.

  • Do you do illustrated covers?

Yes, we do! With the help of our in-house illustrators from

  • Can I cancel an appointment with you?

Yes, you can. As long as we haven’t started working on the cover. But we would prefer it if you would let us know in advance so we can give away the dates. If we've already started work, there will be some extra charges for canceling.

  • If I already started work on the cover but want to cancel it, can I?

Yes, absolutely! But we would charge extra for the work we've done so far. It would depend on how far we’ve done.

  • What can I do with the cover?

You can use it for any promotional purpose as long as no one takes the credit for the cover design and you don’t directly change the cover (like the colours, or change the font of the text, etc), you can use it however you want.

  • Do you offer series discounts? 

Yes, we do! Email us with how many covers you're thinking of covering, the genre, and general idea of the cover and we should be able to give you a rough estimate.