QDM – Corporate Favorites

QDM – Corporate Favorites

by Jennifer Silverwood, February 28, 2019

Hi everyone! Not only do we work with you amazing indie authors but we also work with corporate clients, and today we thought we’d share some of our favorite graphics and materials we designed for them so far. These are a bit different from our usual covers and teasers, so we’re pretty excited to show you something different this time.

Nada Loves

Gilmore Girls Themed Stickers from Sophistigeek



A recent student guide for the British University of Bahrain



One from a Rotary Club company, Career Tasters



A poster templates from one of our probono projects for a District Toastmasters Conference.



Finally an informative poster from the British University of Bahrain (BUB), we just love the red’s on this.

Naj Loves

The Luke and Lorelai wedding invitation, I believe in a Former Life, I was Coffee Mug, and I’d Rather be at Lukes T-Shirt for Stars Hallow Monthly



Two from BUB, the powerpoint template we designed for them, and the Student Guide.



Gilmore Girls Themed Stickers from Sophistigeek



A flyer we designed for Berger Paints

Shabana Loves

A brochure we did for Jasmine Gardens real estate company from Saudi Arabia.



A poster we created for Dome Restaurant to commemorate the lift in the ban for Saudi Women Drivers.



Two from the Stars Hollow Monthly subscription box.



And a fan favorite, stickers for Sophistigeek!

Jenn Loves

This Stranger Things mug we designed for Sophistigeek.



This invitation we created for Al Jasra Jewellery.


This flyer we made for Just Dance’s Breast Cancer Awareness event!



A thousand thanks to all our lovely corporate clients, for giving us the opportunity to create for you! Please share your favorites with us in the comments below. We hope y’all enjoyed the showcase.


Thanks for visiting and happy creating!

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