Industry Trends: Children’s Book Covers

Industry Trends: Children’s Book Covers

by Jennifer Silverwood, November 24, 2018

If you’re in love with books as much as we are, you can still remember the moment you came across the book. You know the one we’re talking about. You may have checked it out from the library or discovered from a book fair. Maybe your favorite teacher read it to you, or a parent. We all remember the books that have shaped us, the books that cultivated our love for reading. Some of the books we grew up with are still best sellers today.

Children’s literature is synonymous with illustration. Through the years, some covers have changed minimally.  Over time, many classic titles like Chronicles of Narnia have seen very little change. Others, like Harry Potter have shifted with emerging trends. While we chose to showcase a few of these classics we also wanted to showcase current best sellers. We hope you enjoy the cover love. What books influenced and shaped your love of reading as a youth? Let’s talk books in the comments below!

**The following releases come from either Amazon, Kobo, Google Play or Barnes & Noble’s top 10 to 50 lists, excluding box sets. Links to product pages included.**

Bestselling Picture Books






Middle Grade Novels






Qamber Kids

A little over four years ago, we started a new sister company called Qamber Kids. In the beginning, we primarily created typography for covers for publishing companies like Month 9 Books. Today we’re proud to showcase some of our favorite collaborations with our authors and illustrator team. You can learn more about Qamber Kids over at our website or by following our Facebook page.



Thanks so much for visiting Najla Qamber Designs. Stay tuned for future Industry Trends posts. Next month, we’ll feature focus on the young adult genre. Meanwhile, look out for our next Author Highlight with Whitney G. Happy reading and creating, friends!



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