Author Highlight – J.B. Vample

Author Highlight – J.B. Vample

by Jennifer Silverwood, October 25, 2018

Welcome to Najla Qamber Designs! Each month, we highlight authors we’ve enjoyed working with on multiple books and series. Authors know it’s important to choose covers that fit your genre while also catching your ideal reader’s eye. J.B. Vample, our featured author of the week, has done an amazing job capturing the right blend with her College Life Series. College Life is “a new adult, character driven series surrounding the lives of five young black women and follows them as they make their journey through their four years of college.” What we love about the design for these covers is how each cover connects to the whole series, while offering little hints at what you’ll find within the pages. The “to-do” lists offer fun sneak peeks into the college adventures to come. Which of these covers is your favorite? Help us share the cover love by sharing in the comments below!

New Adult Covers

Sweet Swag!

A Word from the Author

Najla is so amazing at what she does. From my book covers for my series, to my flyers, to bookmarks. She puts forth grade A work and it’s clear that she enjoys what she does. I am excited that I get to continue to work with her on my books. She does a great job and you won’t be sorry if you book her.


A Word from the Designer

I remember the brainstorm email we had for the first book of this series. I was so nervous about it because it would be maybe my 5th time working with an object based cover. But my goodness, making these covers with JB was so much fun! The ideas she had, the clear vision she had. It was refreshing and oh so fun to bring to life. Thank you, JB for being amazing to work with. And for making me realize that we shouldn’t be afraid to let our OCD run wild! Because the magic it creates is worth it!

About the Author

J.B. was born in Philadelphia, PA but has lived in California, Arizona and Maryland (while attending The University of Maryland Eastern Shore). Although she works as a Lead Time Entry Analyst, her first love is and has always been writing. She admits to having an overactive imagination and to being a chronic day dreamer, both have helped with her writing. (She says that the scenes from her books play like a movie in her head). Aside from writing, she enjoys martial arts and reading.

Connect with her on social media:

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Come chat about the College Life series:

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