Author Highlight – Trisha Wolfe

Author Highlight – Trisha Wolfe

by Jennifer Silverwood, September 27, 2018

When we glance back at our portfolio, we’re reminded how lucky we are to have worked with so many amazing authors. Today we’re highlighting thriller/romance author, Trisha Wolfe. Trisha is the author of the Born Darkly Duet and Broken Bonds series. One thing you’ll notice with the series we’ve showcased below is the excellent examples of branding. All Trisha’s books hint at darker themes, to let you know this isn’t a cozy mystery or a sweet romance you’re about to read. Which is exactly what a cover should do. 

Born Darkly Duet

This is an excellent example of a duet or two-book series, from the key and keyhole tattoos on the models to the correlating taglines. Also, Trisha was one of our first clients to sign up for our new gif service. You can find it, along with other themed swag below.

Then VS Now

With Visions of Red

We love the chance to showcase past and current editions of covers. Compare these first three covers with Wolfe’s With Visions of Red series and share your thoughts below!

Other Series



Box Sets


A Word from the Designer 

If I could ever be grateful for one creative mind, it would totally be Trisha’s. Her creativity when it comes to her covers wows me every time. I know a lot of graphic designers hate not having creative freedom, whether it’s in the publishing world or the corporate world. But when the client has such an amazing vision and passion for the idea, I just can’t help but feel as passionate as they do about it. It makes my job super worthwhile to bring their visions to life when they don’t have the experience or knowledge to do so themselves. I always love teaming up with Trisha. We’ve been working together (ahem cover married) since 2015, and I hope she never divorces me! We’ve recently been working on a lot of romantic suspense/thriller covers and I thank her every time we finish one because it’s been one of my many dreams to cover books in that genre. Trisha, you’re the Keep being your creative master that you are!


A Word from the Author

When I first contacted Najla, I was still such a newbie. I had thought before, being able to tell a cover designer what I wanted would be easy. I thought, okay, I’m a writer, how difficult would it be to describe what’s in my head? Before working with Najla, I know other cover artists probably became frustrated with me, lol. Writing a scene with characters was extremely different than trying to describe one moment in the book that I wanted to highlight and capture for the cover. During the process, my anxiety over the project would get the better of me and I’d often agree to ideas that I wasn’t confident worked. Then I emailed this lovely, talented woman and all that changed. She is the most patient goddess I’ve ever worked with! She honestly gets my vague references to scenes and ideas, and somehow – I’m telling you the truth – it’s like she’s able to envision exactly what’s in my head and bring it to life. I love our banter while working on projects, and the fact that she always makes me feel completely all right with not knowing exactly what I want until I see it; until that moment of ah ha, that’s it! Najla nails every single one of our cover projects, and I will always need her input on future books. Sincerely, from the bottom of my dark writer heart, she is the best!


Trisha’s Favorite Cover




About the Author

From an early age, Trisha Wolfe dreamed up imaginary worlds and characters and was accused of talking to herself. Today, she lives in South Carolina with her family and writes full time, using her imaginary worlds as an excuse to continue talking to herself.

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    • Jennifer Silverwood
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    • September 28, 2018

    Love the Cellar Door cover, but Lotus Effect is just gorgeous! So much beautiful cover love!

  • Najla - my favorite designer. Trisha - my favorite indie author. ????????

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