Team Favorite August Reads

Team Favorite August Reads

by Jennifer Silverwood, August 23, 2018

Our team at NQD doesn’t just design beautiful books, but we’re all voracious readers. Today we wanted to share our recent favorites list. Besides books, we’re also big fans of audiobooks, comic books, articles, you name it. We love the written word! Enjoy our list and feel free to suggest your own recent reads in the comments below.

Najla’s Favorites


Rescued By a Lady’s Love by Christi Caldwell

Historical Romance

Naj’s Note: I’m obsessed with every book Christi Caldwell writes. I’m almost done going through all her books and it just makes me sad! I loved this one in particular because of the different take on the Lord/Lady falls in love theme. Best of all, it was giving me Mr. Rochester/Jane Eyre vibes which I LOVED.


Shadow’s Claim by Kresley Cole

Paranormal Romance

Naj’s Note: Love this entire series. I haven’t read anything with vampires in it in a very long time. And Kresley takes a whole new fresh take on them. Love the Dacians!



Nada’s Favorite


The Highly Productive Morning Routines Of 10 Truly Baller Women

Note from Nada: I love reading articles like these in the morning, but this one, in particular, is one that inspires me to get up at 6 am, sip warm water and lemon, and practice yoga. Building up a good and flexible routine in the morning is the perfect way to start off a great day, especially when you’re working in the creative field. Maybe this article will inspire you to do the same!

Happy reading, beautiful people!


Jenn’s Favorites


1. Losing Adam by Adrienne Clarke 

Jenn’s Thoughts: It’s a college romance set in the early 90’s, about a boy with mental illness and the fairy-tale loving girl who loves him. There are many allusions to The Snow Queen. Just amazing writing all around. All Adam wants is the normal like with Jenny he’s always dreamed of. But fairy tales don’t always have happy endings. And the author bridges this connection best in the following quote:

“I don’t think fairy tales are simple. We might think they’re just about happy endings, but it’s their darker elements that make them so compelling. Reading them changes us. Once you’ve broken through the wall of thorns, bitten the poisoned apple, or donned that pair of glass slippers, you’re never quite the same. Suddenly, you see the world full of light and shadows.”

Losing Adam isn’t your typical love story. It’s so much deeper than that. It dares to ask what happens when true love is given an insurmountable challenge. Can it last and should it last? Are we given just one chance at that kind of love, or is love more fluid and profound than we allow it? I’ll end with another quote from Adrienne Clarke:

“Once you know loves’ shape, the way it feels under your fingertips, the sound of its voice in the dark, it won’t ever leave you. You might lose sight of it for a while, but just when it seems winter has come to stay for always, spring arrives when you least expect it.”

2. Stolen Obsession by Marlene M. Bell 

Jenn’s Thoughts: This one was just pure fun. It’s a mash-up of modern Indiana Jones/The Librarians. The suspense is well crafted and had me on the edge of my seat several times, wondering who was in on the conspiracy. The romance in this book was very solid. Occasionally, the back and forth banter reminded me of Old Hollywood films. Instead of feeling cheesy, it made Alec & Annalisse’s interactions fun and sweet. I loved all the nods to history and the author’s vivid description, which made for a lovely read.

Shabana Reviewed


The Perfectly Imperfect Woman by Milly Johnson

Milly Johnson is one of my two favourite chick-lit authors, the other being Kristan Higgins. I’ve read all her books and pre-bought her next book. The Perfectly Imperfect Woman is her latest. The leading lady Marnie Salt is a woman has an emotionally disastrous life with a mother who hates her, a sister who looks down upon her and a best friend who takes advantage of her. She’s so insecure she falls for the charms of her married boss. She meets an old lady online, called Lilian, who owns an entire village and invites Marnie to stay in one of the cottages when his pregnant wife comes screeching into the office and has a physical fight with Marnie, causing her to leave her job.

The story is about Marnie realizing that she’s amazing even though she’s imperfect and about how love isn’t usually perfect. Milly always has an element of suspense in her books which builds up to a surprise in the end. And she’s so good, you never guess what was going to be revealed. This book doesn’t disappoint in that area, too. Marnie loves making cheesecakes, and the story has a lot of cheesecakes in it in different flavours, so I’d highly recommend ordering a piece while reading this.



Letting Go by David R. Hawkins

I re-read this book last month because it just has so many lessons to learn and to practice. The book is written by a renowned psychologist, who has served as an advisor in churches and to Buddhist monasteries. He talks about letting go of your deep-seated negative emotions, and teaches you how to surrender all your negative feelings. The book takes you through different levels of consciousness such as Anger, Pride, Joy, Love, Peace. Using science, medicine, psychology and lots of cases from his own experience, he shows how letting go of negative feelings helps you reach a higher level of consciousness and remove all the obstacles to your happiness.

I always love reading self-help books, and having read many, many motivational books as a college student, I’m very picky about the ones I read now. I like practical, science-based advice instead of head-in-the-clouds suggestions. So this book was perfect. I also love soaking up knowledge about psychology, the conscious and the subconscious mind and Letting Go talks in-depth about these subjects. I read this book again just so I could perfect the techniques in it, as well as to make sure I didn’t miss anything out. That’s how much I liked it.



Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Cate Woods

This is the first book I read by this author. This was a recommendation to me by Kobo, and I took a chance in reading it. I loved it. I love romance novels that keep you guessing who the lady ends up with. (Or those in which the protagonist doesn’t end up with anyone. She realizes life is good being single.) Percy James is in a lacklustre relationship with Adam, when she gets approached by Eros Tech, a company claiming they can find your ultimate soulmate. And here, they match her up with… a woman. Flora is amazing. The lady from Eros Tech convinces Percy that gender is fluid, and she should go on a few dates with Flora. But it turns out that although gender is fluid, it’s not that fluid. You can’t turn a straight person gay. But at least it makes Percy realize Adam isn’t the one for her. Who she ends up with will surprise you.



Sawsan’s Favorite


The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff 

Sawsan’s note: The Tao of Pool combines two of my favorites things, philosophy, and nostalgia. This fun and quick read may come across as a children’s book at first, but I highly recommended to those who are interested in Eastern Philosophy and enjoy a cheeky narrative! Very cute and full of small ‘aha’ moments à la Taoism.

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